Where is Zog? Help Kickstart The Gwar Inspired Webcomic Featured on Heavy Metal


From writer and artist Jeff Martin (Hockeypocalypse, War of 1812), comes Where is Zog? The comic series was originally published on HeavyMetal.com and has officially launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund a print book that is a must-buy for fans of Gwar and 70’s Sci-Fi. 

where is zog

Where Is Zog? is the story of Grum and Zill, who are the survivors of a crash landing on an uncharted planet. They latch onto the idea of finding Zog to give themselves hope and direction, but that’s only useful if they don’t get themselves eaten by space monsters.  

Go to the Kickstarter Page RIGHT HERE!

Jeff Martin hails from Edmonton, Alberta Canada and has been making comics full-time for a few years now, which you should all be checking out immediately. (Follow Jeff on Twitter HERE). He makes funny books and his art style is truly unique and quite damn spectacular, especially in my opinion within the vibrant online strips of Where is Zog? Martin says the webcomic was inspired by Gwar and I can dig that in a big way, as I’m a fan of the heavy metal icons. Not only is there an actual Gwar song called “Where is Zog?” (from 2009’s ‘Lust in Space’) but the characters and creatures all scream 1970’s science fiction. I love it. Go ahead and read them HERE at HeavyMetal.com

This is a must-kickstart project. The concept looks brilliant – the book will be 92 pages and even feature a brand new 16-page story that has not been featured in the online series, along with a wealth of other material. For 20 bucks you’re getting a signed print copy of the graphic novel and it only gets better as you level up. So do it comic fans – you won’t regret it and you’ll have a wicked graphic novel before Christmas!

Go to the Kickstarter Page RIGHT HERE!

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