The Top 5 Masked Bands to Listen to This Halloween


Halloween is right around the corner and we already delivered an intense 31-movie scary movie marathon, so it’s time to tackle what you should be listening to in order to further celebrate the season. Here are the best masked bands you should be checking out!

Note: Slipknot and KISS are not on this list. We all know who KISS and Slipknot are — calm down. No disrespect, just — get on board with something different for once in your lives. For Halloween 2016, give these acts a shot and if you already do actively listen to them — good for you. You’re doing life correctly.

#5. Gwar


Even though frontman Oderus Urungus aka Dave Brockie passed away the other year (which totally blows, he was one of the best metal singers and performers in the industry), the band has decided to carry onward! They even have a Kickstarter out right now where they are developing a comic series called Orgasmageddon with writer Matt Miner and artist Jonathan Brandon Sawyer . They appear to be murdering Donald Trump and making America GWAR again in that book, which is what that country truly needs right now in my humble opinion. I’ve always loved GWAR. I saw them live over a decade ago during the Sounds of the Underground Tour and I got a splash of severed head blood on my face. I’ll never forget it.

#4. Lordi


Finland’s take on GWAR, Lordi, are not GWAR at all – they just look kinda… similar… Lordi makes heavy music but with a classic rock twist utilising several chant-along type formulas in their choruses. They have songs about the Devil being a loser “And he’s my bitch!”, which is both corny and badass for some reason. ‘Who’s Your Daddy’ is a classic too and the band continues to produce solid albums every two years which is nice to see and it proves they were never just a gimmick to begin with. If you appreciate classic rock but always thought it wasn’t quite edgy enough – check out Lordi for their over-the-top theatrical horror antics because the music is damn good.

#3. Mushroomhead


The Cleveland, Ohio army of masked maniacs in Mushroomhead are such a genre-bending mishmash of styles that you’ll be hard pressed to find another heavy band that sounds like them – ever. Duelling vocalists, synth up the ass, grinding breakdowns, haunting melodies, rap, rock – all out chaos. Mushroomhead are an incredible band and one of the most underrated acts today in this industry. They did a cover of Seal’s ‘Crazy’ a few years back and it has never left my ‘current’ playlist – it may have the award for the one song that has remained on my active listening that long. 100% original and 100% insane, Mushroomhead is what you need when you just aren’t satisfied with anything else ordinary.

#2. Twiztid


After departing longtime label Psychopathic Records a few years ago and establishing their own brand of underground hip hop with Majik Ninja Entertainment, Twiztid have not only remained relevant – they actually got better. With more control of their own destiny, horrorcore rap rock artists Madrox and Monoxide are delivering the best work of their long and storied careers. Their lyrical content is nasty as shit, their rhyme game is at an all-time high (literally) and the duo is delivering their steady and consistently badass stream of new and profoundly original brand of music that both Juggalos and every day music fans can appreciate all the same. (Concert Review HERE)

#1. Insane Clown Posse


ICP released their best album in over a decade (maybe one of their best ever) last year (review HERE). They’re still touring non-stop and dropping bottles of Faygo on our faces (review HERE). Insane Clown Posse are simply stronger than ever, they continue to deliver the greatest live show on earth and their dedication to the fans remains unrivalled. Whether you understand their brand of rap music or not, you can’t deny their longevity and legacy as one of the greatest hip hop acts of all time. There are very few rap acts in the game that started in the early 90’s who still tour hard and deliver memorable albums on a constant basis. ICP deserve to be considered among the ranks of rap acts like Ice Cube, Public Enemy and The Beastie Boys. I refuse to hear any of the Juggalo hate, ICP is iconic – get over your shit and recognise.

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