The Lion King Live-Action Reboot Greenlit with Jungle Book Director Jon Favreau; Now Cast Nick Jonas as Simba!


From Walt Disney Studios and director Jon Favreau, who helmed the hugely successful The Jungle Book live adaptation, comes yet another live-action reboot of The Lion King. There is no release date yet at this time but the project is being fast-tracked into production.

Jon Favreau shocked many fans today with this tweet:

Which Disney itself later confirmed is 100% the truth, so if you liked his take on The Jungle Book (and why wouldn’t you, it’s freaking amazing), then get stoked for his re imagining of the greatest Disney animated movie of all time – The Lion King. Just like Jungle Book and the upcoming live action of Beauty and The Beast, this new Lion King will include songs from the original 1994 film. Favreau is apparently developing a sequel to his Jungle Book, but there’s no word on whether or not it will hit theaters OR GO DIRECTLY TO HOME VIDEO FOR THE NEXT 4 CHAPTERS. (Joking, but we know how much Disney loved that don’t we Little Mermaid 3?)


Are there any voice actors you’d love to see return for the live action Lion King? Since that film came out in 1994, many of those dudes are still alive and they can still sing. Personally I’d love if they brought back Ernie Sabella (Pumbaa) and Nathan Lane (Timon) because those voices to me are probably the most distinct and most difficult to change and have fans get used to such a switch.  Matthew Broderick was Simba in the original but I don’t have an issue ousting him and putting some younger blood in the role. Who do you think would be a great new Simba? Here’s my number one pick:

Nick Jonas: Dude proved he can act in GOAT (review HERE) and he’s in the upcoming Jumanji sequel alongside The Rock so he’s already doing prep work in the jungle. Plus you know – he like – SINGS – so I’d say he’s easily the number one choice for this part. Sign him up and he’d do the part well. Also – the chicks will line up in droves cause it’s Jonas.


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