Stephen King’s The Stand Announced as Eight-Part Mini-Series on Showtime & Concluding with Film Directed by Josh Boone


The upcoming adaptation of Stephen King’s apocalyptic epic The Stand has been announced as an eight-episode mini series for television that will air on the Showtime network, followed by a big-screen feature that will conclude the story from director Josh Boone (The Fault in Our Stars).

Although still very much a rumour, it looks like Matthew McConaughey is being pursued to play the infamous villain Randall Flagg. The novel synopsis is below:

A deadly virus called “Captain Trips”, engineered as an advanced biological weapon by the government, is accidentally spread across America, causing 99.4% of the entire world’s population to die. The 0.6% who survive struggle to find their bearings in the aftermath of the plague. They all dream about two opposing figures: Randall Flagg, the Dark Man, and Mother Abagail, who is receiving visions from God. The survivors split into two factions, one led by Flagg, and one led by Mother Abigail, and prepare for the final stand between good and evil.

Source: The Wrap

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