New Video Game Releases Nov 16-20: Star Wars Battlefront & Mario Tennis Ultra Smash


With the holiday season upon us, its yet another great week for video games. Last weeks Fallout 4 has already sold 200% more than Fallout New Vegas but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take some time to check out these great titles.

Star Wars Battlefront

November 17

Likely battling Fallout for the most anticipated game of the year, players get to choose a side and find themselves right in the heat of legendary Star Wars Battles. Play online and co-op with your friends and even try out becoming a Jedi or Sith.

Mario Tennis Ultra Smash

November 20

Mario Tennis is back and bring with it new features like super mushrooms and the ability to play online. It also has a classic mode for people looking for some simple N64 style tennis.

The Crew Wild Run

November 17

Although The Crew left many players feeling disappointed, Ubisoft hopes to bring some redemption for the online racing game. The Wild Run expansion is said to be fixing many of the games major issues as well as enhance the graphics and bring many new features into the game. If you’re a fan of the game or looking for some racing, this might be worth checking out if you can stomach the $40 price tag.

Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon

November 20

Go on an adventure in the Pokemon world as a Pokemon. choose from 20 playable Pokemon and battle enemies in this dungeon crawler featuring dungeons that change every time you enter them.


November 18

Didn’t you know there was a new Deadpool game? Well there isn’t really. This game was originally released in 2013 with very mixed reviews. Never the less, its getting a second release on current gen consoles for anyone looking for some chaotic Deadpool action.

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