New Video Game Releases Dec 1-4: Just Cause 3, Rainbow Six Siege & Xenoblade Chronicles X


With December upon us the game industry is wrapping up its final releases for the year. Luckily tho it doesn’t mean we don’t have some amazing games headed our way before the end of the year

Just Cause 3

December 1 – PS4, XB1, PC

One of the best open world action franchises is back with the third installment to the series. Featuring a ton of things to blow up and the biggest map yet. 400sq miles and way more height.

Rainbow Six Siege

December 1 – PS4, XB1, PC

Get ready to team up online for one of the most inventive first person shooters to date. Tactically work your way through a building to free hostages or play as a terrorist and stop the rainbow six at all costs.

Xenoblade Chronicles X

December 4 – Wii U

Caliming to be the biggest open world of any game yet, this long awaited RPG is just what Wii U owners need this holiday season. Settle in for a very long adventure is a massive and gorgeous world.

Chivalry Medieval Warfare

December 1 – PS4, XB1

The first/third person action game is coming to console. Get ready to battle online with swords and spears in awesome medieval locations

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