New Game of Thrones Season 6 Behind-The-Scenes Video & Sansa Stark’s Fate Revealed?


Game of Thrones is an adaptation of the epic dark fantasy novel series A Song of Ice and Fire from writer George R.R. Martin and showrunners  David Benioff and D.B. Weiss. The series airs exclusively on HBO and stars Peter Dinklage, Lena Headey, Kit Harrington and Emilia Clarke. Season 6 debuts April 24th.

Set on the fictional continents of Westeros and Essos Game of Thrones weaves several plot lines with a broad ensemble cast. The first narrative arc follows a civil war among several noble houses for the Iron Throne of the Seven Kingdoms; the second covers the attempts of the exiled last scion of the realm’s deposed ruling dynasty to reclaim the throne; the third chronicles the rising threat of the impending winter and the legendary creatures and fierce peoples of the North.

While being interviewed on the E! Oscars Red Carpet Pre-Show, actress Sophie Turner said the following when asked about the upcoming season of Game of Thrones in regards to her character Sansa Stark/err Bolton. “…death, death, death…Okay, I’m good for this season.” she said while mimicking the motion of going through the scripts for season 6.

Check out the 5-Minute BTS clip which reveals several new details, including a reunion between Davos and the red witch (ooooh that’s gonna be heated), Jamie on a boat, Sons of the Harpy being stab-happy and much more.

Source: HBO

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