Nerd Relics Issue 1: Game of Thrones & Peter Dinklage


On this edition of Nerd Relics, we look at a Game of Thrones collectible signed by Emmy Award Winning actor Peter Dinklage, acquired from the 2013 Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo.

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peter dinkage tyrion

Back in 2013 when I was covering the Calgary Expo, Game of Thrones star Peter Dinklage was at the event to dish out some autographs and do a panel for the rabid Canadian fans. Even though this was four years ago, Game of Thrones was already massive (and continues to be HBO’s greatest series of all time). He’s won two Primetime Emmys for his role as Tyrion Lannister as well as a Golden Globe and is one of the highest paid actors in all of television. Having him attend that convention was a big deal, because Dinklage typically doesn’t visit too many of these shows.

In prep – I had purchased a Lannister poster from Ebay so I had something badass to get signed. (Tip – Always bring something to a show, don’t settle for those little image stills that people have lying around at their autograph tables). I’ll never forget this – as I was getting my poster signed, Dinklage for some reason was also chatting with one of his handlers and he was recalling the time he met Christopher Walken and there was a hairless cat in the room. Sure why not? But as Dinklage was telling the story, he also did an impression of Walken, talking about how bizarre a hairless cat was. You can’t make that shit up. It was so weird and so funny I kinda just stood there dumbfounded and laughing – not sure how to react (do any fans act normal getting autographs?). Afterwards I asked some stupid question about when he was getting ready to film his part in X-Men: Days of Future Past, he replied, then I went on my merry way 50 bucks lighter (that was the price of his signature then).

Look at his signature too – it’s so ridiculously simple – anyone could rip that off. This poster may be 100% authentic, but there’s almost no way of knowing whose autograph that is unless I tell them. So good.

game of thrones peter dinklage signed poster
Photo By Keven Skinner

Bonus: I love that you can see me in the reflection taking this picture while wearing my Ho Ho Hodor Christmas sweater… It’s cold in Canada right now.

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