Machinehead Frontman Calls out Pantera Singer Phil Anselmo for Nazi Salute & “White Power” Comment


After the controversy surrounding metal singer Phil Anselmo giving a Nazi salute and screaming “White Power” on-stage during the final moments of the 2016 Dimebag Darrell Tribute concert, the fall-out has been insane. Now Machinehead front-man Robb Flynn has posted a video commenting on the incident.

As a Pantera fan. As a Phil Anselmo fan, I’m finding it really, really hard to continue defending his redneck ass. Sure he recently said he wanted nothing more to do with the confederate flag (a former staple of his shows), but when he pulls a Nazi salute and screams “White Power” on-stage? Ummmmmm. Dude…….. I’m trying really, really hard to find some way to get you out of this but you’re really making it hard man. Holy shit. Pantera is my favorite band. They will always be my favorite band. I will continue to listen to Pantera’s music but I feel I must stop coming up with excuses for Phil Anselmo’s actions.


I love Robb Flynn and I’m proud of him for coming out and condemning Phil’s recents actions. When asked initially about his salute and “White Power” comment, Anselmo said it was an inside joke because he had been drinking white wine all night. Turns out that was bullshit, as Flynn has pointed out in his video. Phil’s been doing this for years. Also – and get this friends, within 30 seconds of Flynn bumping into Anselmo backstage, Phil says the following to him, “I hated the nigger era of Machine Head”, referring to their mainstream album ‘The Burning Red’ in the late 90’s. Well shit. Phil, now you’ve really gone and done it dude. Good lord.

“Goodbye Phil Anselmo. I’ll never be playing another Pantera song for as long as I live.” – Robb Flynn

Source: Rob Flynn

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