Lyte Psychopathic Monstar: An Impressive Debut That Shows a Lot of Love for The Family (Review)


From Psychopathic Records and artist Lyte, comes the debut album ‘Psychopathic Monstar’, available in three different versions, Red, Blue and Green — all featuring varying flavour for all the rabid Juggalo collectors out there. Here’s my review.

“When it’s time to light the city we don’t fuck around. Fuck your crew’s rhymes, they’re mighty shitty – had to shut em down.”


Psychopathic Records’ newest artist, Lyte, has finally released his debut album ‘Psychopathic Monstar’ and it is a ferocious and impressive record from one of the most talented underground rappers I’ve heard in some time. Even though we have only 9 songs included, usually a strong number for classic metal albums, Lyte wastes no time in delivering the goods on each and every track. This is all killer – no filler. Speaking of which, each of the three different versions will include a different opening song and hidden track. I enjoyed all three, but my personal favourite version of ‘Psychopathic Monstar’ is the Blue, which features Violent J from Insane Clown Posse on the intro.

‘Shut em Down’ might be my favorite cut, with a chorus that will no doubt have the Juggalos throwing up the lighters. I’m a sucker for that type of song arrangement, a big sweeping sing-a-long crushed between vicious fast rhymes — and Lyte is quick as shit — easily the fastest MC on the label and someone I’d love to hear collaborating with Tech N9ne one day. ‘On My Way’ is damn good too, very similar to ‘Shut em Down’ and I know for a fact that the Juggalos will love ‘FTTBBR’ — which features ICP and explores the mis-adventures of banging strippers in various public washrooms. It’s hilarious, gross, kind of vile and above all else — the wicked shit that we all know and love.

lyte psychopathic monstar
Lyte Psychopathic Monstar

The production is tight, the quality is high and Lyte is very impressive on his first ever full-length Psychopathic Records effort. Believe the hype — he’s a talented MC and he shows a lot of love for the Family on ‘Psychopathic Monstar’. I appreciate that we have an artist who doesn’t rely on facepaint or a gimmick either. I realise Lyte isn’t the first artist on Psychopathic to do this, but he’s the best… Say what you will about Young Wicked, who just released his first full length album earlier this year on Majik Ninja Entertainment, but Lyte dropped the better effort – by a mile.


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