Lethbridge Entertainment Expo Enlists Missy & Mysterio Cosplay


The Lethbridge Entertainment Expo will take place November 14 and 15th, 2015 at the Enmax Centre in Lethbridge Alberta. Guests so far include Jason Mewes (Jay & Silent Bob), Billy West (Futurama) and Lee Arenberg (Once Upon a Time). You can buy tickets HERE!

Get ready for some cool Cosplay news straight from the Lethbridge Entertainment Expo. In addition to the two announcements below there will be a Cosplay contest taking place over the weekend with cash prizes! (More details to be announced).

[Press Release #1]

Missy Art & Cosplay


A cosplayer since 2009 and artist since she can remember, Missy has always been a creative, geeky individual. Her fine arts and illustration education helps her creative process, and see costuming in an artistic light. She prides herself in always trying new things, and remembering weird, useless facts.

Always ambitious, Missy is constantly expanding her cosplay wardrobe, experimenting with her art, and of course attending as many conventions as possible. She absolutely ADORES geeking out with other con-goers, and will attend as many conventions as possible as both a guest and a patron.

Her list of conventions visited (in no particular order) include San Diego Comic Con, Calgary Expo, Toronto Fan Expo, Saskatoon Expo, and Gen Con.

When she’s not preparing a new cosplay or illustrating she loves to travel, bake, marathon Netflix shows, and snuggle her pup, Sammy. (Yes the dog is named after Supernatural!)

[Press Release #2]

Mysterio Cosplay

Joining us once again at the LE2 and hailing from Calgary is…
Mysterio Cosplay!


Come down and see what Mysterio Cosplay has in store for us ALL this year at the LE2!

We are Cosplayer’s from Calgary, Lethbridge and Edmonton. Making city and province wide appearances in birthday parties, conventions, expos, store openings, promotions, night clubs, and much much more!


The Crew:

Jhey (Creator, Manager, Scheduler):
Batman (TDK/R), Bane (TDKR), Scare Crow (BB), Red Hood (Mercenary), MMPR Green Power Ranger

Bree K (Manager):
Lady Bane (TDKR), Harley Quinn (TDK esc)

Alana N, Noble Actions:
Black Canary (Comic), Phantasm (MOTP), MMPR Pink Power Ranger

Francis W:
Two-Face (TDKR), Red Hood (Under the Red Hood)

Erika K:
Robin (TDKR esc), Death Stroke (Arrow/Mercenary)

Kathy N, Eep and Meep:
Harley Quinn (Arkham Asylum), Catwoman (Arkham City)

Ryan L:
Bane (Mercenary)

Marissa S:
Lady Joker (TDK esc), Catwoman (TDK esc)

Source: Lethbridge Entertainment Expo

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