Kottonmouth Kings Release ‘Walk The Line’ Music Video Featuring C4mula from Krown Power

[Press Release] Placentia, CA based psych/hip hop group Kottonmouth Kings have released a new music video for “Walk The Line” featuring C4mula from their deluxe edition album Krown Power, that is out now via United Family Music / Capitol Records. “Walk The Line” is a pulse thumping track about getting through the tough parts of life.

The track features underground rapper C4mula who knows all about hard times and walking the line. According to OC Weekly ” the list of near-death experiences he has racked up at the ripe old age of 29 is pretty astounding. Flipping over in cars in two separate accidents, the victim in a malicious hit and run outside of Malone’s in Santa Ana, having multiple guns pulled in his face, surviving a nearly lethal bout of alcoholism—all that barely covers half of it. ”

Nearly 20 years ago, Kottonmouth Kings’ popularity began when word spread about their unique and original style that came to be known as “Rip-Hop”. Over the years, this iconic group has built a huge fan base who feel inspired by their lifestyle, their music and their fashion. The group released their first full-length album on United Family Music Group, their new label founded by KMK front man, Brad “Daddy X” Xavier.


For more information on Kottonmouth Kings, please visit http://www.kottonmouthkings.com/.

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