Keven’s Film Listography Journal Week #5: Unique Art House Films


This week in my Film Listography Journal series I reveal a list of “art house” movies that I’ve seen…


It’s fairly obvious that I haven’t subjected myself to many “art house” films. Any film fanatic will realize this after seeing this short and improperly labeled list of movies deemed by myself to be “art house”. I know there are several that I need to eventually see one day – I’ve always wanted to torture myself by doing a Lars Von Trier marathon, maybe this is just the boost that I needed. 12 Monkeys an art house film? Yeah I don’t know either. Springbreakers? Screw it — it’s modern art house ya’ll.

I can say with confidence that The Tree of Life however – is an art house film. Trying to argue against that label would make you come off as an insane person. I still remember going into the theater, which consisted of myself and about 6 other people in their 70’s because it was a matinee. As we left the theater, I could overhear one of them say, “well that was different”. Yes…. Yes it most certainly was. I’ve never been so confused, captivated, annoyed and confused again as I was while watching The Tree of Life.


It’s a beautiful movie, driven purely by emotion, seemingly random dialog sequences and no noticeable plot development. We watch our world being birthed by the universe and then we see this child grow from an infant and eventually age into Sean Penn. I can’t recommend The Tree of Life to anyone because it’s unlike anything they’re likely to ever see in their lifetime. The only way I’d suggest it, would be if it were playing in theaters again because visually it’s gorgeous and the person I’m speaking to, has to have a very open mind for the bizarre.


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