Keven’s Film Listography Journal Week #1: Favorite Films of All Time


This week in my Film Listography Journal series I reveal a list of my favorite films of all time.


A list of one’s favorite movies of all time is an ever-changing one. At one point in time I had both Avatar and Lord of The Rings: The Fellowship of The Ring on there — just a day or two ago in fact — but decided to erase those and put some others in their places. There’s no definitive all-time top 20 movies that I’ll forever be defined by because I’d like to hope that over time, that list will change and grow as new films are added.


That being said – Pulp Fiction will always be my number one, no matter what, followed closely by Goodfellas. Aliens is the greatest film sequel ever made and that one will always have a spot in my top five while American Psycho hovers right around that area as well. I like my movies smart, vulgar and edgy so it’s no surprise that this list is indicative of that.


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