Irredeemable Comic about a Hero Turned Villain to be Adapted by The Big Short Director Adam McKay


From 20th Century Fox and director Adam McKay (The Big Short, Anchorman), comes the big screen adaptation of Irredeemable. The original Boom! Studios comic series was created by Mark Waid and Peter Krouse and the film script will be penned by Tommy Wirkola (Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters).

The Plutonian was once Earth’s champion, its greatest and most admired and trusted superhero. But something has gone terribly, terribly wrong. Seemingly without reason, the Plutonian has begun to wage war on humanity, killing indiscriminately, destroying entire cities and swiftly going from the planet’s greatest hero to its worst mass murderer. A group of former friends and fellow superheroes, having narrowly escaped the Plutonian’s ruthless and swift butchering of the superhero community, have determined to find a way to stop him; however, the Plutonian guarded his identity — and most importantly, his weaknesses — zealously, leaving them only with a few scraps of information to follow in order to find out why the Plutonian has turned his back on his former ideals — and how to defeat him…

Adam McKay was originally attached to a big screen adaptation of Garth Ennis’ The Boys but that never came to fruition and now it looks like that series will be a TV series produced by Preacher’s Seth Rogen and Adam Goldberg. McKay was also the original director of Marvel’s Ant-Man, but later bailed due to creative differences. Will Irredeemable be the comic book adaptation that he finally stays the course for?


A spin-off series called Incorruptible launched the same year (2009) as Irredeemable did and features a former supervillain ‘Max Damage’ who has an epiphany in the wake of the Plutonian’s evil turn and decides to become a hero in order to stop him.

Source: Deadline


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