Inverted Serenity Serve Up Free Download of Track ‘Grasp of Impermanence’ Ahead of Oct. 9th Album Release

[Press Release] Producing technical groovy death metal rooted in musical duality and lyricism, INVERTED SERENITY are offering fans a FREE DOWNLOAD of their track ‘Grasp of Impermanence’ leading up to the release of their upcoming album ‘Integral’ due out on October 9th, which is the same night the band will be local support in Winnipeg for heavy hitters Soulfly, Soilwork, Decapitated and Shattered Sun for the ‘We Sold Our Souls To Metal Tour’. Full details can be found here.

L-R: Tomas Ingham (Vocals, Bass), Drew Peacock (Guitars, Backing vocals), Marc-André Simard (Guitars, Backing vocals), Benjamin Deveau (Drums, Backing vocals) – Photo Credit: Brandon Bollen

Instrumental Playthrough – Coeur – Watch here.

Song Stream – ‘Elemental Abyss’ – Bandcamp | Soundcloud

Song Stream – Breath of Life – Bandcamp |  Soundcloud 

The band comments about the track:

“This track is a more straight-forward mid paced and heavy piece. There includes uplifting After the Burial type melodies with contrast the darker riff structures throughout its majority. The outro of the song opens up into many layers with its underlying drum pattern akin to that of a Lamb of God passage. The lyrical conception was created by our vocalist and bassist Tomas, basing the songs narrative on the heavy emotional impact that comes with the realization that all that you experience and love in this lifetime will eventually dissolve, leaving us to memories as we erode.”

To listen to ‘Grasp of Impermanence’, please visit the following links:

Album Pre-Order –

Track Listing – Inverted Serenity – Integral

1. Yugen (5:09)

2. Everscending (5:44)

3. Grasp of Impermanence (4:24)

4. Coeur (4:47)

5. Integral (5:14)

6. Under One Sky (4:39)

7. Breath of Life (7:16)

8. Volatile Thirst (3:10)

9. Wrought (Rot) (4:51)

10. Elemental Abyss (5:49)

Album Length: 51:09


INVERTED SERENITY‘s music is a gateway into the infinite fractal nature of the minds of Drew (Parasitism) on guitar, backing vocals, Ben (Moira) on drums, backing vocals, Tom on bass, lead vocals, and Marco on guitar. Topics are inspired from works of many psychonaughts akin to Carl Jung, involving transcendental, philosophies, global tribe mentality, the impermanence of the physical world, and alchemy. Their riffs range from atmospheric black-metal grooves, old-school inspired death metal passages, thrash riffs, progressive technical journeys, and everything in between.

Their upcoming album ‘Integral’ was about a two year process, which began even before the release of their 2013 debut album ‘Manifestation of Eternity in a World of Time”. The instrumentation took about a year, then they began pre-production in the Summer of 2014 with Iko Lucic (credits). Their influences collectively are mainly Gojira, Decrepit Birth, Beyond Creation, Lamb of God, and Decapitated, but they enjoy all genres of music, which enhances their creative diversity.

Inverted Serenity live are extremely energetic with an onslaught of different styles and tempo changes that surprise the listener and keep them entertained. The heavy four piece is releasing ‘Integral’ on October 9, 2015 and is a transcendental experience for listeners as they reach the end of the album they will become whole.


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