Hack/Slash Comic Series Getting the TV Treatment with Help from X-Men Origins: Wolverine Scribe Skip Woods


From creator Tim Seeley, Hack/Slash is an Image Comics action horror series that recently went on hiatus after a five-issue ‘Son of Samhain’ miniseries. The property be adapted by Relativity Television with screenwriter Skip Woods (A Good Day to Die Hard) penning the pilot script.

At the end of every horror movie, one girl always survives…in this case, Cassie Hack not only survives, she turns the tables by hunting and destroying the horrible slashers that would do harm to the innocent Alongside the gentle giant known as Vlad, the two cut a bloody path through those who deserve to be put down…hard.

The series should be ripe with opportunity for new and inventive horror as the lead character Cassie has battled an array of famous slashers, both infamous from other properties such as Chucky from Child’s Play to original creations from Seeley. Skip Woods will also executive produce the series alongside Adrian Askarieh, Ray Ricord, Daniel Alter and Geoffrey Yim.

Source: THR

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