God Particle is The Next Cloverfield Film & Bad Robot Plans to Make One Every Year


From Bad Robot, Paramount Pictures, producer J.J. Abrams and director Julius Onah comes the next film in the Cloverfield anthology series – God Particle. (Note: This title will likely change closer to release). Starring David Oyelowo, John Krasinski, Elizabeth Debicki, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Chris O’Dowd, Ziyi Zhang and Daniel Bruhl, the film is scheduled to hit theaters February 24, 2017.

According to The Wrap, it looks like fans will be getting a brand new Cloverfield franchise flick every year. Ever since the surprise reveal of 10 Cloverfield Lane earlier this year, fans have speculated that the upcoming God Particle would be yet another side-quel of sorts set in the same film universe as the previous two Cloverfield films and that appears to be the case.


Footage from the film is apparently set to debut on November 2nd to reporters in New York, but noone wants to confirm if a new title or any other info will be revealed at that time. God Particle is about a group of astronauts on a space station fighting for survival in an altered reality after making a shocking discovery. Due to an accident with a particle accelerator, the Earth appears to have disappeared and another space station strangely appears…

For those too tired to Google, the ‘God Particle’ is a slang term for the hypothetical Higgs boson, which is what all of quantum physics is based upon. This Higgs boson has yet to be proven as real however, but the Hadron Collider in Geneva, Switzerland was built to prove it’s existence.

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[Click below image to expand learn how the God Particle works and why it’s important]


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