Game of Thrones Actress Carice Van Houten Comments on Jon Snow’s Fate; Update Kit Harington Spotted in Belfast


Game of Thrones is an adaptation of the epic dark fantasy novel series A Song of Ice and Fire from writer George R.R. Martin. The series airs exclusively on HBO and stars Peter Dinklage, Lena Headey and Emilia Clarke.

Major Spoiler Alert:

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During the final moments of the season five finale, Jon Snow was stabbed to death by his fellow Night’s Watch brothers after he continuously made efforts in helping their enemies North of the Wall despite their massive attack in season four. The fate of Kit Harington’s character has been up in the air for several years now in the novel as we await George R.R. Martin’s next chapter but the showrunners, director and even actor himself state that Jon Snow is 100% dead.


However, even dead characters can be resurrected as we’re clearly aware of in both the novels and the TV series. Remember season three when Thoros of Myr continuously resurrected Lord Beric? The red priestess Melisandre, played by Carice Van Houten interacted with Thoros and showed interest in his abilities to resurrect the dead. She also happened to show up at the Wall in the finale shortly before Jon Snow was stabbed to death, making her appearance all the more curious. Popular fan theory would point to her bringing Snow back from the dead in the upcoming sixth book of Martin’s series ‘The Winds of Winter’ (due for release likely in 2016 before the next season airs).

When asked if Snow is indeed dead, Van Houten said the following:

“No, he can’t be dead. No!”

When prodded further if she’d be the one to resurrect Snow, she said:

“I’ve seen that on the internet; like I’ve seen stuff saying ‘we’ll forgive you if you save him’.”

So that’s not a 100% confirmation that Harington will be back eventually, but with the upcoming teases that they’ll be filming a certain flashback sequence that may or may not deal with Snow’s true origin (something yet to be revealed in the novels), it looks all the more likely that we’ll be seeing Snow version 2.0 sometime in the future before Game of Thrones is said and done.

Update: Spy shots have confirmed actor Kit Harington is in Belfast with the rest of the cast doing table reads for the upcoming sixth season. Thanks to for the scoop.

Source: The Sun

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