G-Mo Skee & Violent J Trade Ferocious Diss Tracks as War Between Insane Clown Posse & Twiztid Heats Up


The verbal war between underground rap labels Psychopathic Records and Majik Ninja Entertainment has finally popped off this past week after Insane Clown Posse and Lyte released an intense diss track ‘7 Foot, 8 Foot’ which directly attacked the entire MNE roster to which G-Mo Skee (from MNE) dropped an even nastier response in ‘Pull His Resume’ which targeted Violent J specifically…

The Juggalo Civil War has been a “cold war” of sorts the past few months, ever since the initial heat when Twiztid signed former Psychopathic Records talent Young Wicked. ICP and their labelhead Jumpsteady saw this as a direct slight against them, considering Young Wicked had impregnated Jumpsteady’s daughter (Violent J’s niece) after having an affair with her… There’s a whole history there — you can read more about that HERE. But in a nutshell – MNE has definitely been swiping up former Psychopathic Records talent for their impressive and beefed up roster which actually outnumbers that of ICP’s at this point.

Violent J has been very vocal as of late saying that the beef between Psychopathic and MNE can no longer be ignored, and it all seems to really stem from MNE deciding to pull from the upcoming Juggalo March on Washington (coupled with the Young Wicked signing). J has been throwing shade at Twiztid and even Tech N9ne recently in interviews because of the Juggalo March decline (although the Tech N9ne thing seems to have been squashed now). Twiztid have maintained a relative calm and dismissive attitude about all of this in spite of J’s public barbs. Monoxide (of Twiztid) has addressed the feud a little bit more in his ongoing ‘Brunch & Bake’ videos, answering a fan statement which said “Twiztid wouldn’t be shit without ICP”, replying that they certainly wouldn’t be “TWIZTID” but that they would be instead signed to a major label but had decided to stay underground.


This week though – ICP and Lyte (Psychopathic’s latest talent) dropped a seething diss track titled ‘7 Foot, 8 Foot’ (sampling Lil’ Wayne’s 6 Foot, 7 Foot) where they directly attacked Twiztid and the entire MNE roster (see above image). That same day, G-Mo Skee dropped a retaliation audio track that ferociously attacked Violent J with verses about him employing a pedophile (Will Sigler – who is a registered sex offender and former? Psychopathic Records employee) as well as being a closet homosexual. It was a brutal diss track to say the least, but it was Violent J who drew first blood publicly in this label war and even though G-Mo wasn’t mentioned by name in the ICP diss track, his labelmates were and the Honey Badger is a beast. I have to give it up for the guy for not being afraid to unleash RIGHT BACK on a hip hop icon such as Violent J…

I’m still upset that there’s a beef between two of my favourite music groups (acts I’ve been listening to since Junior Highschool – acts I’ve both seen live several times and will continue to see both), but this Juggalo Civil War is going to get worse before it gets any better people. Nothing we can do at it but sit back and hope the music continues to kick ass… It’s just a shame it’s so damn personal now.

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