Fox Force Five Gaming Update: Uncharted The Nathan Drake Collection, Yo-Kai Watch & Rainbow Six Siege


Time for your weekly dose of this weeks hard hitting gaming news!

Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection Story Trailer

PlayStations popular hero, Nathan Drake is going to be taking over your television next year but to tie us over until Uncharted 4 comes out, Naughty Dog is doing a complete 1080P 60FPS remaster of the first 3 games all in one collection. The game has already had a release date set for October 9th but finally we get a trailer showing us how good its going to look in HD and get us hyped for how good of a story this franchise has.

Rainbow Six Siege Pushed Back


The incredibly incredible looking Rainbow Six Siege has had its release date pushed back from October 13 to December 1. Still this year, but not as soon as we want it to be. The feedback from Ubisofts closed beta test and play time at E3 helped them to realize there was still more work that could be done to better the game experience. While this is bad news, its also really really great news. The Beta test on September 24 will still be happening tho

Surprise! Final Fantasy VII Has Been Released. On iOS…


An iOS version of FFVII has suddenly appeared and it comes packaged with God Mode as well. Now you can turn off random encounters to play through just the story and important battles. But how will you level up? It doesn’t matter! You can turn on the “Max Stats” option and become pretty much unbeatable. You can pick this up in the App Store for $15.99US / $18.99CAN

Xbox One To Windows 1080 60FPS Streaming Is Here 


Those of you rocking out on an Xbox One and who happen to have upgraded to Windows 10, you made the right move. Not only is Windows 10 actually pretty good but now you can stream your games from your Xbox to Windows 10. To many, it might not be that exciting to stream to your PC when you have your console and  TV but It will also stream to any other device running Windows 10 in full 1080 60FPS. That means tablets and mobiles. Pretty cool!

Move Over Pokemon! Yo-Kai Watch Gets North American Release Date


Remember when Yo-Kai Watch made Level-5 and Nintendo 2 billion dollars? Well that wasn’t enough for them so they are bringing their over sized collection plate to North America on November 6. Disney XD will be airing the animated series  this fall and we will also see the manga coming our way via VIZ Media.

Blade & Soul Beta


Game Studio NCSOFT has announced that there will be a closed beta for a western port of their Martial Arts MMO  Blade and Soul for anyone who is willing to purchase a Founders Pack.


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