Fox Force Five Gaming Update: Rocket League Supersonic Fury DLC, The Witcher 3 Tabletop RPG & Happy Birthday Kirby!


Well its Friday again and as we get ready to lock up the offices and put down our tools to eagerly head into the weekend, lets take time to recap this weeks most exciting gaming news before sitting down on the couch to play copious amounts of Rocket League!

The Witcher 3 Gets New “Game Plus” Mode AND Tabletop RPG


Little information has been given on the game’s final instalment of free DLC, but from what has been mentioned on official forums by site admins, you will be able to start a new game with harder enemies and select a  difficulty while maintaining your original game’s character level if it is above 30. If not, you will be bumped up to level 30. You will also be able to keep your money and recopies and will be able to earn the Death Match achievement. We look forwarding to learning more about this and you can certainly expect to see more information in a future edition of FF5 Gaming. As for the tabletop RPG, R. Talsorian Games is in development of a pen and paper The Witcher Role Playing Game that is set to release sometime mid 2016.

Rocket League to Receive Supersonic Fury DLC & More!


Rocket League has been a massive hit since its release on July 7th and in under a month has seen over 5 million downloads. What’s even crazier is that a game of this calibre was given away for free to PSN members. Now the Supersonic Fury DLC Pack is set to come out eating up even more of your time. The pack will include: two brand new cars, twelve new decals, two new Rocket-Boost colors, two new wheel sets, five new paint types and some new trophies to earn. All of this will be available in one DLC pack coming in early August for an entirely modest $3.99.

It gets better yet, which is crazy since the game was free and the DLC is cheap like borscht. There will be a free update that gives players a new map, over 70 country flags and the highly anticipated Spectator Mode. On top of all that great free stuff they are also planning to include updated goal explosions, demolitions and will be adding a new song from critically acclaimed electronica group Hollywood Principle. This game has eaten up so much of my time and I love every second. Someone needs to go to Psyonix and give every person working there the best high 5 they’ll ever receive because they are doing so much to make this game great and doing it all for either free or at such a low price in today’s world of money grabbing DLC. Hats off to Psyonix!

Dragon Quest 11 Comes To PS4, 3DS and… Nintendo NX?

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It seems that while announcing their next Dragon Quest game, Square Enix accidentally confirmed a release window for the newest Nintendo console sometime next year! While the Wii U has had some truly amazing games, its lacking sales indicate to many that its time to move on. It is rumoured that Nintendo is trying to do just that and do it quickly. Its also hinted that they will be focusing on Virtual Reality and the Augmented  Reality they have already been utilizing on the 3DS.

New World of Warcraft Expansion Announcement


Blizzard has teased us via World of Warcraft’s official twitter that next week at gamescom, they will be live streaming the announcement of their next expansion for most popular MMO of all time. Warlords of Draenor was a huge success and is considered one of the game’s better expansions so hopefully Blizzard can keep that pace going.

Star Wars Battlefront Team Death Mode “Blast” Announced From EA Games


At first the new and highly anticipated game seemed like it was going to heavily focus on massive, objective based game play but it has now been revealed that we will be able to play Blast Mode. Taking place in smaller sections of familiar maps from other game modes, two teams of 10 will battle it out with no vehicles or heroes until one team reaches 100 or time runs out. Star Wars Battlefront will consume your life as you know it on November 17th.

Happy Birthday Kirby!!! Classic Titles Headed to Wii U Virtual Console


It’s been thirteen years since Kirby floated his way into our hearts in August 1992 and in celebration of the living garburator finally becoming an official teenager: Nintendo will be releasing 3 classic Kirby titles to the Wii U Virtual Console. Kirby Squeak Squad, Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards and Kirby Return To Dream Land. I was a big fan of Kirby 64 so I would suggest picking it up if it falls in your budget.

New Dying Light Expansion to Feature Dune Buggies 


A video has been released via Dying Lights YouTube page that showcased a teaser at the end of a drivable dune buggie for its upcoming DLC. Producer Tymon Smektala says this new DLC pack will feature “bold game changers to create a massive expansion”. Luckily for Season Pass holders, this DLC will be included. No release date as of yet.

EA Confirms New Battlefield to be Released in 2016


Not that anyone was worried it wouldn’t happen… Electronic Arts CFO, Blake Jorgensen stated “it is our intention to have a first-person shooter as a core title, this year its Star Wars Battlefront. Next year is another Battlefield.” No other major info has been given on the game.

Bonus – This isn’t really news but I also just wanted to share with my fellow Dragon Ball fans that the recent Dragon Ball Dokkan Battle app, available for Android and iOS is a ton of fun and highly addictive. Also they do a really good job of making it so you don’t feel like you have to pay to continue enjoying the game.

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