Fox Force Five Gaming Update: Hearthstone The Grand Tournament & Call of Duty Black Ops III Beta


It’s Friday again and that means its time to lock up the office, drop those tools and pick up those controllers. What better way to start your weekend gamefest then by recapping all of this weeks hard hitting video game news!

Rise of The Tomb Raider Comes to PS4 and PC


The previously Xbox exclusive Tomb Raider sequel is officially coming to PC and Playstation 4. Don’t get too excited though… Xbox maintains console exclusive rights for the first year, meaning the game wont arrive on PS4 until holiday 2016. A Windows 10 version of the game is set for “early 2016”.

Call of Duty Black Ops III gets beta Release Dates


Are you still not sick of Call of Duty yet? Well then good news, you don’t have to wait too long for your chance to play the new Call of Duty game. Treyarch and Activision have announced that players who have pre-ordered the next instalment in the Black Ops franchise will be able to play the beta in August. With the PlayStation being the hot console this generation, it will get the first round of beta plays from August 19 – 23 while Xbox One and PC gamers get their chance to try it out August 26 – 30. The game officially releases November 6th.

Dishonored Definitive Edition Release Date and Discount


The Definitive Edition remaster of Dishonored is coming out on August 25th and will feature better graphics and comes with all the DLC. Bethesda is hoping to get your money twice but knowing that’s no easy feat, they are offering discounts to returning players. PSN members who have a digital version of the original game can purchase the Definitive Edition for half the cost at $19.99 , down from $39.99. Xbox is working on a similar deal as well. Physical copy owners will be able to redeem some kind of in store deal on the new version of the game but no information has been revealed as of yet.

New Hearthstone Expansion: The Grand Tournament

Blizzard announced this week that a new expansion for the popular collectible card game Hearthstone will be getting a new expansion next month. Titled, The Grand Adventure, it will bring 130 new cards to the game as well as a new board to play them on.

Dragon Quest Builders 


Hot on the coattails of Minecraft’s success comes a Dragon Quest block world building game, in development for PS4, PS3 and Vita but does not have a release date. It actually looks pretty cool tho.

Project Cars Wii U Cancelled


Developer Slightly Mad Studios have announced that they are no longer going to continue trying to make a Wii U version of the game saying “We eagerly look forward to any announcement of further hardware from Nintendo but right now Project Cars is simply too much for Wii U despite our very best efforts.” Ouch…

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