Fight To The Death: Walter White Vs. Saul Goodman


Fight to The Death is an ongoing feature where staffers and readers get to vote and explain why one fictional character would be able to kill another. This week’s featured rumble? Meth kingpin Walter White from Breaking Bad vs. Better Call Saul‘s Saul Goodman, the crooked lawyer who knows a guy who knows a guy… See who wins this vicious battle to the grave right here.

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Keven Votes: Saul Goodman

Look. I realise Walter White is going to win this fight — I knew it before I even conjured this battle up, but I’m going to make an argument as to why Saul Goodman would have a better shot at beating Walter White. Saul was Walter’s connection into the criminal underworld to begin with – let’s not forget that… Saul has been around the block, building his shady business and in the process he’s become a staple figure within that community — the guy who knows a guy who gets things done. Spoiler alert – Walter, as brilliant as he is and as sadistic as he was by the end of the series — was still a dying man, barely clinging to life as cancer consumed him. He let his emotions get the better of him because of that.


Saul — gets away by the end. Sure he’s living a shit existence in hiding, but he got away ALIVE by the end of Breaking Bad (and into Better Call Saul as we clearly can see in those black and white sadness sequences). If it ever came down to it, Saul’s connections are/were just as scary as Walter’s AND Saul’s connections never turned on him in the end like Walter’s white supremacist backstabbing business partners.. Saul in my opinion was the smarter of the two and I think if he truly wanted Walter dead – he could do it.


Votes: Walter White

He becomes entirely ruthless. Look at his body count by the end of the series. Nothing will get in the way of his empire. Not even Saul.  Exhibit A:





Sean Votes: Walter White

By the beginning of season four, there’s no stopping the path Walter White has taken in building his empire. While Saul knows how to work his way out of things from a legal standpoint, he can’t outrun the king and his empire that includes handful of deadly connections.

The Winner is:

Total Points: Walter White D (4) & Saul Goodman (1)


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