Fight to The Death: The End of The World 2020 Post Apocalyptic Movie Tournament


Fight to The Death is an ongoing feature where readers get to vote and explain why one film is better than the other OR whether one fictional character would be able to kill another. This month’s featured rumble is The End Of The World 2020 Post Apocalyptic Movie Tournament.

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Notes: There are A LOT of post apocalyptic movies and a lot of great ones that didn’t make my cut. Sorry. I wanted a Terminator flick, but the only one that felt REALLY apocalyptic to me was Salvation and not many people liked that entry. The rest of the Terminator flicks were about PREVENTING the apocalypse as opposed to living through one — or after one etc…. Also I omitted those shitty Resident Evil flicks because I hated most of them. This bracket was crafted with a lot of love and thought on critical acclaim, notoriety and my own personal preference.

There will be ONE battle every week until the dust clears. Or when we’re all dead – one or the other.


Updates to come below after battles are completed:

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