Fight to The Death: Power Rangers March Madness Tournament Edition


Fight to The Death is an ongoing feature where staffers and readers get to vote and explain why one fictional character would be able to kill another. This week’s featured rumble? 16 Red Rangers from nearly every Power Rangers TV series! This is a special Tournament Edition of FIGHT TO THE DEATH, so this article will be constantly updated for the next two weeks until the dust settles and only one remains standing.


Special Tournament Rules – Fans will vote to determine the victors in every bracket until there are only four remaining, then the staff will help weigh in (along with fan votes of course, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for the championship match) — in order to determine an overall winner.

red ranger palooza

You may notice a trend in this tournament… Every single Ranger – is indeed a RED RANGER. Scott wanted Red Rangers killing each other – so that’s what we get. Check out the results below (they will be updated live every day with results from Twitter).

Update: Tournament Over! Scroll to see final results.

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power rangers march madness updated march 29

Round 1

MMPR Vs. Alien

Winner: MMPR (Classic) Ranger

MMPR classic winTime Force Vs. Megaforce

Winner: Time Force Ranger

MMPR time force win

Zeo Vs. Galaxy

Winner: Zeo Ranger


Lightspeed Vs. Mystic Force

Winner: Mystic Force Ranger


Turbo Vs. RPM

Winner: Turbo Ranger


Overdrive Vs. SPD

Winner: SPD Ranger


Dino Thunder Vs. Jungle Fury

Winner: Dino Thunder Ranger

dinothunder result

Ninja Storm Vs. Samurai

Winner: Samurai Ranger



Round 2

MMPR (Classic) Vs. Time Force

Winner: MMPR Red Ranger


Zeo Vs. Mystic Force

Winner: ZEO Red Ranger


Turbo Vs. SPD

Winner: Turbo Red Ranger


Dino Thunder Vs. Samurai

Winner: Samurai Red Ranger



Round 3 (The Final Four)

  1. MMPR (Classic) Red Ranger VS
  2. ZEO Red Ranger VS
  3. Turbo Red Ranger VS
  4. Samurai Red Ranger

twitter Votes: ZEO Red Ranger (67% of the total votes)

Staff Votes


Keven Votes: ZEO Red Ranger


Because Tommy Oliver that’s why. This final four was only ever coming down to 2 for me — Jason (Austin St. John), the Classic Red Ranger and Tommy who took over the Red Ranger role in Power Rangers ZEO. Look – Jason David Frank is THE greatest Power Ranger of all time and even though he isn’t in his classic green or white get-up, he’s still a Ranger and whenever he’s a Ranger – wherever he’s a Ranger – he’s the best. Period.


If it came down to it, the ZEO Red Ranger would be going toe to toe with the classic Red Ranger after both of these dudes make quick work of those other two goons (Turbo and Samurai) because let’s face it – they never stood a chance. In the end – Tommy because… Tommy. You know…. Just Tommy. Plus when Tommy was the green ranger he kicked Jason’s ass all over the place. Wasn’t even close.


Sean Votes: MMPR (Classic) Red Ranger



You can’t beat the classics and that’s certainly the case with the original Red Ranger from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Leading the way for the original superhero team, the character of Jason Scott was played with charisma and class by actor Austin St. John. But when it was time to save the world and morph into action, no one could easily handle Mighty Morphin Red Ranger once he was in action (minus the Green Ranger on a occasion or two).


Displaying a number of moves that many Power Rangers after him could only wish they could do, it’s hard to imagine another Red Ranger coming anywhere close to taking down the original Red Ranger (or even matching him in style from a suit standpoint).

The Final Winner is: The ZEO Red Ranger


For the rules of FIGHT TO THE DEATH click HERE

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