Fight to The Death: Madea Vs. Mrs. Doubtfire


Fight to The Death is an ongoing feature where staffers and readers get to vote and explain why one fictional character would be able to kill another. This week’s featured rumble? Madea versus Mrs. Doubtfire – two dudes dressed up like old chicks and having a hilarious ol’ time until they meet each other that is… See who wins this vicious battle to the grave right here.


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Keven Votes – Mrs. Doubtfire


OK. I haven’t seen all of the Madea films, but judging from the trailers and whatnot – she’s a ferocious woman capable of driving cars through buildings, wielding a chainsaw and she’s been to prison. She’s a tornado of chaos and at first glance, she’s easily the favorite in hand-to-hand combat against the smaller Mrs. Doubtfire. But here’s the thing… Mrs. Doubtfire (in this fictional setting, is a man disguised as an elderly woman in order to stalk his family while Madea is really just an elderly woman who happens to be portrayed by a man). Mrs. Doubtfire has the psycho advantage.


With an endless array of disguises at his disposal, Mrs. Doubtfire would easily be able to psychologically disrupt Madea’s life. Maybe posing as a family member? Or anyone really – and even if Mrs. Doubtfire is in full Mrs. Doubtfire get-up, he seems harmless as hell… Until he’s ready to stab Madea to death after she make some witty comment about slapping a hoe, not realising the full magnitude of crazy she’s dealing with at her front door. Mrs. Doubtfire is the Hannibal Lector in this fight and evil genius always triumphs brute force. (Watch this trailer below to see what I mean)


Troy chooses – Madea


Well again, I have not seen one of the movies on this weeks bill. I am however confident in voting for Madea. I’m sure its a garbage movie series but shes a thug, shes done hard time. Mrs. Doubtfire just wants to see his kids.



Sean chooses – Madea


“I’m Madea. Muh to the damn D-E-A.”

Never underestimate the power of this comical, elderly black woman. Whether it’s been at Christmas, Halloween, jail, being in witness protection, or attending a family reunion, Madea has always brought the house down. I just can’t come to terms with Mrs. Doubtfire taking down someone like Madea, a highly overactive woman that never stops once she gets going. Mrs. Doubtfire might want to reconsider picking a bone with this fiery soul that can often be seen in anger management classes.


The Winner is: Mrs. Doubtfire

Total Points: Mrs. Doubtfire (3) & Madea (2)


For the rules of FIGHT TO THE DEATH click HERE

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