Fight to The Death: King Kong Vs. Stay Puft Marshmallow Man


Fight to The Death is an ongoing feature where staffers and readers get to vote and explain why one fictional character would be able to kill another. This week’s featured rumble? King Kong versus The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man – two gargantuan monsters hellbent on crushing puny humans to smithereens… See who wins this vicious battle to the grave right here.


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Facebook Votes: TIE

twitter Votes: King Kong

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Keven Votes: King Kong



I’ve seen damn near every King Kong film and I’ve loved em all. Hell I grew up on that 70’s one with Jeff Bridges (that beard tho!), and I have fond memories of the black and white classic. Peter Jackson’s Kong was an epic masterpiece (I don’t even care that it took so long to get into the good shit). Now… I have more Stay Puft toys lying around to be sure and I also love me some Ghostbusters, so I have respect for the big marshmallow man — I just don’t see how he wins this.

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Sure there’s a demonic force possessing Stay Puft – he’s a massive candy mascot spawned from the depths of Hell and fuelled by Satan (his angry face is scarier than Chucky’s in my opinion), but in the end, he’s still just a lot of candy. Scott did have a strong point when he conjured up this battle and mentioned “all that marshmallow with all that fur”… That thought scares me and it could wind up that Kong gets goopy demon slime stuck to his body, but Kong has also fought multiple dinosaurs at once and caved their heads in while juggling a chick with his feet. Kong is the King of Monsters (suck it Godzilla) and he’s considered a God on Skull Island, so let’s assume his godlike status helps him in a fight against a candy coated Satan marshmallow puff.


Troy Votes: Stay Puft


A gorilla is around 6-15 times stronger than the average human. King Kong is 6 times as big as as a normal gorilla. So using the power of science we deduct that King Kong is super dang strong. But with Stay Puft being a supernatural being, his power is linked to the power of its creator. Unless King Kong takes out Gozer, Its likely Kong will exhaust before the fight was won. Stay Puft wins.



Sean Votes: King Kong


After seeing Kong: Skull Island earlier this week, it became clear as day to me that the King of the Apes would absolutely tear Puft Marshmallow Man to shreds. The Kong we see in this reboot is so badass and just too agile for Puft to handle. Even though the new Kong hasn’t seen anything outside the island he lives on, I’m sure he would have no problem adjusting to any environment/scenario he would be thrown into. Sure, maybe Puft could take on Peter Jackson’s King Kong back in 2005 and come out alive, just barely. But against the 100-plus foot tall Kong from Kong: Skull Island? Absolutely not. Bye bye, Puft.


The Winner is: King Kong

Total Points: King Kong (3) & Stay Puft (1)


For the rules of FIGHT TO THE DEATH click HERE

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