Fight to The Death: ET Vs. Gizmo


Fight to The Death is an ongoing feature where staffers and readers get to vote and explain why one fictional character would be able to kill another. This week’s featured rumble? ET the Alien versus Gizmo the Gremlin. See who wins this vicious battle to the grave right here.


How The Readers on Facebook Voted: ET


How The Readers on Twitter Voted: Gizmo


How The Readers on  Instagram Voted: Gizmo

How The Readers on our Homepage Voted: Tie!

How The Staff Voted:

Keven chooses – Gizmo



“Two cute, pacifist creatures – one from Earth but based in fantasy, the other from another world and also probably part of the Star Wars sci-fi universe in some creepy way… So when these two have to fight one another – who would win and why? I’m going to go against the grain here and say Gizmo won’t change into his ferocious beast mode. He will retain his values and cute furry form, but don the Rambo bandanna, complete with bow and flaming arrow for this battle. Can ET lift shit with his mind? You bet he can, but he would never suspect that little teddy bear in the corner of the room and ET is soft… Remember when he nearly died because he was dehydrated or something stupid?


ET is a weak old piece of shit and Gizmo has dealt with apocalyptic psycho hordes of Gremlins all trying to murder him his whole life. Gizmo wins because he’s deceptively cute but he’s also an ancient warrior with more experience in my opinion (onscreen anyway).You can take Gizmo out of his element and he’ll still survive. ET could walk into a wall and die from hitting his soft-ass freakishly large head the wrong way.”

Troy chooses – ET



“I’ve never seen Gremlins so I can’t possibly make an educated vote. Gizmo looks like he would absolutely shred in a physical fight but ET has powers. So therefore ET could just float the Gremlin into a pit of fire or something equally morbid…

Mark chooses – ET



“I’m with ET too – he has so many ways to win. Will he use telekinesis to hold Gizmo in the sun? Or will he build a death ray out of spare parts from around the office?”

Sean chooses – Gizmo



“How can you not root for the irresistibly cute mogwai, Gizmo? I mean, if he were to eat anything after midnight, it would be game over for the alien with the touch. And on top of that, what if Gizmo were to summon any of his other gremlin buddies to help him out if he got in a tight spot? I just don’t see how E.T. would be able to survive a fight like this. I think it’s pretty clear to the Fox Force Five News writing staff and its readers on who the winner of this fight is.”

Grant chooses – ET



“I gotta give it to ET here.  He’s a force to be reckoned with, and the true scope of his powers isn’t shown in the film.  He’s a pacifist by nature, but backed into a corner he could show us some powers the likes of which we’ve never seen. ”

The Winner is: A TIE. THEY BOTH DIE.

ET – 4 Votes

Gizmo – 4 Votes

Man oh man – what a dickish way to kick off FIGHT TO THE DEATH. Hahaha. The decision was so tough – that it went to a draw. So I’d like to think that both Gizmo and ET died hugging each other. – Keven.


For the rules of FIGHT TO THE DEATH click HERE

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