Fight to The Death: Chewbacca Vs. The Beast from Beauty and The Beast


Fight to The Death is an ongoing feature where staffers and readers get to vote and explain why one fictional character would be able to kill another. This week’s featured rumble? Chewbacca versus The Beast from Disney’s Beauty & The Beast – two beloved furry beast men from different planets… See who wins this vicious battle to the grave right here.


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Keven Votes: Chewbacca



Animated Beast, live-action Dan Stevens Beast or bad-ass Ron Perlman Beast — doesn’t matter: Chewbacca kills him every single time. Chewie kills him on the Star Wars Christmas Special, Chewie kills him right in front of your children using a bowcaster to send him right to Disney Hell. Chewie kills The Beast all day. This is your classic Fantasy vs. Science Fiction showdown but in this case, The Beast is cursed. Dude isn’t Gandalf, he’s been transformed into a monster and he isn’t into it at all. Chewie is a loyal smuggler who has fought in several wars and he’s been awarded the Star Wars version of the Medal of Honour for his efforts in battle.


If this were straight hand to hand, paw to paw combat, then The Beast may have a solid chance at winning considering he’s much more of a ferocious Sasquatch lion-lookin thing, whereas Chewie is pretty laid back and he’d just as soon give you a sensual massage rather than kill a bunch of wolves and try to get laid in order to break a romantic curse. HOWEVER – once again, in that newly released deleted scene from The Force Awakens, Chewie legit rips a dude’s arm off for threatening Rey. CHEWIE RIPPED OFF A DUDE’S ARM. The mighty Wookie destroys The Beast – it isn’t even close.



Troy Votes: The Beast



This is actually a really tough fight to decide. Chewie is a bad ass, there is no doubting that. He’s huge and vicious when he wants to be, he has loads of fur for protection and lets not forget his iconic gun.


The Beast is also likely very strong, like grizzly bear strong. He probably has a speed advantage over Chewie because he can run on all 4 which also translates to agility, his claws can probably rip anything apart and he would have an easier time going for bites. with his more beastly shaped facial structure.

I think when the battle starts the best charges and takes a shot. That injures him but not critically. Effused with rage he steps up his game, dodging shots and knocking the gun out of Chewbacca’s hands. The Beast rams his horns into Chewies guts and knocks him down. His wild animal strength and gnarly giant claws shred through Chewbacca’s protective fur in not time as Chewie struggles on the ground like a wounded animal.


Unless Chewie can land a really good shot, he doesn’t stand a chance.


Sean Votes: The Beast



While Chewbacca might have the upper hand with his crossbow, he’s not agile enough to tag the Beast, who took on a pack of wolves with no problems. Sure, Chewbacca might have the Beast in the roar, but the Beast comes out on top thanks to his bite.

The Winner is: Chewbacca

Total Points: Chewbacca (3) & The Beast (2)


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