Display of Decay Set to Unleash New Album ‘Dust of Existence’ on September 22nd

[Press Release] Edmonton, AB’s brutal death metal band DISPLAY OF DECAY and their new album ‘Dust of Existence’ featuring 8 assaulting tracks will be unleashed September 22nd to follow their debut album 2014’s ‘Outbreak of Infection’ EP.

“With some of the most brutal riffs and vocals that I’ve heard in quite some time, Edmonton Alberta’s Display of Decay are an underground metal force to be reckoned with. I proudly stamp them as our #CanadianMetalBandOfTheWeek”

– Keven

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About Display of Decay:

Formed in 2007, Display of Decay is widely noted for bringing a unique blend of old school death metal, with tinges of thrash and doom metal. Hailing from Edmonton, the band has spread their infection across Western Canada, sharing the stage along side other elite acts such as, The Faceless, Origin, Beyond Creation & more..After four well received indie releases, DISPLAY OF DECAY is ready to unleash its next full length “Dust of Extinction” that features eight aural assaulting tracks that will set the mosh pits ablaze.  Due out later this Fall 2015 with the support of a Western Canadian tour, “Dust of Existence” is a direct epilogue to their 2014 EP, “Outbreak of Infection”.

“We aimed to keep a similar style of groove on this record as we had on previous releases, with heavy punchy riffs that are near impossible to keep out of your head, but still maintain that raw edge we have become known for. With the artwork as well, we wanted it portrayed in such fashion that it plays out the story being told from the Outbreak record to this new record, which is basically a devastating virus that has been unleashed upon mankind, terrorizing and annihilating everything in its path, “Dust of Existence” is the aftermath of these events. Nothing left but scattered remains of what was once there. ” comments guitarist Sean Watson.


With a few of the tracks on the record written during the “Outbreak of Infection” recording sessions, which the band felt weren’t quite ready at the time to be recorded. During this writing session for “Dust of Extinction”, DISPLAY OF DECAY especially tried to make sure each and every song was very diverse from the rest of the tracks.


1. Created to Kill (3:41)
2. Relentless Reprisal (2:53)
3. Messiah Complex (4:30)
4. Maruta (4:21)
5. Cellar Goreatory (3:26)
6. High Voltage Castration (5:16)
7. Nyctophilia (3:23)
8. Dust of Existence (7:10)

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