Disney Will Take Marvel, Star Wars & Pixar from Netflix to Use on New 2019 Streaming Service


It was revealed earlier this year that Disney would be launching its own streaming service and that all Disney films would likely be leaving Netflix and landing at their new home in 2019, but it looks like Pixar, Marvel and Star Wars will also be jumping ship. Which makes sense – cause you know – Disney owns everything. 

Netflix is going to take a HIT… Thanks to Comingsoon.net for the heads up on this news in which Disney CEO Bob Iger dropped this announcement at the Bank of America Merrill Lynch 2017 Media, Communications & Entertainment Conference, saying:

“We’re going to launch big, and we’re going to launch hot.It will have the entire output of the studio, animation, live action at Disney, including Pixar, Star Wars and all the Marvel films.”

The service is aiming for a late 2019 debut and will be the exclusive home for all on-demand streaming of new releases like Toy Story 4, the live-action Lion King, Frozen 2 and many more after their theatrical runs. Original content will be in the works as well in both episodic and feature length format, with short-films and other specials being added to that list. Netflix is going to take a HIT… At the time of launch, over 500 Disney films and 7,000 episodes from TV series will also be readily available to stream. Netflix is going to take a HIT…

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