Denis Villeneuve Directing the Next James Bond Movie? Daniel Craig Wants Him


There are two directors that I’m DYING to see direct a James Bond movie: Christopher Nolan and Denis Villeneuve. I know it is a long shot to have either of these A-List filmmakers helm a Bond thriller, but The Playlist reported this morning that Daniel Craig wants Denis Villeneuve. The thought of this literally gives me chills, but how likely is it to happen?

Denis Villeneuve’s career thus far has been beyond impressive. Between Incendies, Prisoners, Enemy, Sicario, and Arrival, it is clear that he is an incredible storyteller and a director that is confident in his vision. As his career has progressed, he has directed bigger and bigger movies. With Bladerunner 2049 coming out this fall, it’ll be his biggest blockbuster yet. The thought of him jumping to another huge franchise isn’t that unrealistic, especially when the lead actor Daniel Craig wants him.


Bond 25 got its official release date a few weeks ago, but no director has been found yet. Villeneuve is one of the frontrunners rumored to direct the spy thriller, but there’s plenty of other competition with Yann Demange and David MacKenzie. We will just have to wait and see who the studio picks to direct it, but I would be ecstatic if Villeneuve is the choice. He is such a great director and he is on fire right now in his career. Let’s just hope that Daniel Craig has enough power to sway the studio to go with Villeneuve. With how much money Craig makes on the Bond films, he should have a fair amount of say on the choice.

“James Bond 25” hits theaters November 8th, 2019.