Carnage Tapped for Villain in Venom Movie Starring Tom Hardy


From Sony and director Ruben Fleischer (Zombieland) comes Venom, based on the Marvel Comics anti-hero. Starring Tom Hardy in the title role, the film is set for theatrical release October 5, 2018.

After some initial confusion between Marvel Studios and Sony on whether or not this upcoming Venom film will be a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (Marvel said no and Sony said yeah-huh), it looks like plans are indeed to make that so. This means that Tom Holland, our new Spider-Man, is planned to make a cameo appearance in Venom even though he is only contractually obligated to star in two more Sony Spider-Man sequels at this time.

THR has revealed that the villain in the upcoming Venom flick will be none other than Carnage. For those unfamiliar with this red monstrous foe with a similar design to the anti-hero he will be fighting – in human form he is Cletus Kasady, a red-headed serial killer who winds up transforming into Carnage after a rogue piece of Venom’s symbiotic suit breaks off and finds the psychopath, granting him immense power.

spider venom carnage

Tom Hardy will play Eddie Brock, a reporter who works/worked with Peter Parker (aka Spidey) at the Daily Bugle. Initially we all kind of assumed this Venom flick would not be bound to the McU but Sony is determined to make that so even though Kevin Feige himself said this wouldn’t be the case and he kind of reps for Marvel Studios… A lil’ bit.

Sony is planning to make several Spider-Man spin-off flicks, with the end result taking all those characters and forming the Sinister 6 — a team of supervillains that Spider-Man has gone toe to toe with over the years. Kraven The Hunter and Mystero are currently in some form of development while ‘Silver & Black’, a movie featuring Spider-Man side-characters Black Cat and Silver Sable, seems to be on schedule to shoot this Fall even though nobody has been announced as attached to the project.

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