Canadian Juggalo Weekend Schedule, Venue Change, Map & Kick-Ass Final Line-Up with Set-Times Confirmed


The final schedule for the Insane Clown Posse headlined Canadian Juggalo Weekend (April 7-8 in Calgary at the Marquee Beer Market & Stage) has been released by True Rhythm. Juggalo Championship Wrestling, Circus performers, local acts and artists like Swollen Members, ICE-T, Kissing Candice and more have locked in their show-times .


On April 7th and 8th, The Insane Clown Posse will return to Calgary, Alberta Canada for the first ever Canadian Juggalo Weekend! Two days of concerts, wrestling, circus performances and more at the Marquee Beer Market & Stage, do not miss this must-see festival brought to us all by the magnificent True Rhythm production company who was responsible for getting the Psychopathic Records team into our country in 2016 after a decade-long absence.

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So — if you haven’t heard — there have been two changes to the Canadian Juggalo Weekend (which is ONE DAY AWAY). The first and most insignificant change is that Blahzay Roze is no longer on the line-up after she was let go from Psychopathic Records due to her unmanageable qualities and poor work ethic. The second is that the venue has changed from the Stampede Corral to the Marquee Beer Market & Stage. I’m admittedly happy about both of these late changes to CJW. Roze is a talented artist but the Juggalo community has been extremely critical of her and there may have been issues with her set not being well received (no more problem now).

The venue may be smaller in scale, but the Marquee is where ICP performed in Calgary last year and it was ASTOUNDING (read my review of that show HERE and watch the video clip above). There’s just something about the energy in that club that is so powerful and personal. I’m positive that this is the better option in the end for CJW and I’m incredibly excited to cover the event this weekend. Stay tuned for photos and a review afterwards. Whoop Whoop!

Check the website for more: www.JuggaloWeekend.Ca

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