Bleed Stream Brutal New Album ‘The Hatred Inside’ Ahead of September 29th Release

[Press Release] Edmonton, AB’s brutal horror mayhem BLEED has teamed with horror magazine Rue Morgue for the exclusive album premiere of the band’s debut full length ‘The Hatred Inside’ before its release on Sept 29th to follow up their 2014 Self-Titled EP.

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Listen to ‘The Hatred Inside’ right HERE

“Alas, The Hatred Inside revealed in its entirety! We hope you get as much pleasure from it as we did pouring our anger into it. Each song has been grimly sewn together in a manner one could only expect from us and those familiar with our previous recordings may notice an up tempo Murder Baby. We are satisfied with what we have achieved with this being our first full length album and we look forward to where we will go from here. So get your hands on a copy, tear it open, and feast on The Hatred Inside.” comments vocalist Robert Kreed.

Both digital and physical copy of ‘The Hatred Inside is available for pre-order at the band’s Bandcamp page (

1. The Hatred Inside (1:32)
2. Deceiver* (explicit lyrics) (4:58)
3. Committed (4:27)
4. Blood Ashes (4:43)
5. Suffocate (4:18)
6. Murder Baby* (explicit lyrics) (3:02)
7. Xombimind (2:35)
8. Beginnings (3:42)
9. Obelisk (5:01)
10. Conquer (2:48)
11. Hate March Kill (3:47)

Bringing horror, mayhem, and pain through a medium that brushes on brutal death metal. BLEED‘s live show combines costumed performances with crushing, groovy thrash peppered with blood. The band pays homage to theatrical metal kings, GWAR, through their own original material and costume design. They guarantee that fans will be chanting along with their grotesque lyrics from such songs as ‘Committed’ complete with appropriate props to accompany much of the material they write.

The blood covered four piece is comprised of Ron (guitarist), Rob (vocalist), Mike (Bass) who also plays bass in Samandriel, and Chuck (Drums) who also plays in Idolatry and Ivardensphere. They draw inspiration from many bands; Slayer for their in your face delivery and lyrical content, GWAR for their stage show and lyrical content, Strapping Young Lad for their chaotic sound and comedic entertainment, Zimmer’s Hole for their stage show and variety of song style, and DevilDriver for their overall heavy/borderline death metal sound.

Their song writing strategy is simple: start with a guitar riff, structure it, and map it out, from there they add bass and drums, rehearse liberally, and continue to craft the instrumentals until they are completely ‘fleshed’ out. Lyrics are usually written in one sitting by Robert (vocals), once the emotion is found, a story begins to unfold, be it about war, demons, death, torture, and other unpleasantries.

The band has released a self-titled EP in 2014, and plan to release their debut full-length on September 29, 2015 accompanying it will be a booklet with individual band photos, grotesque artistic imagery, and lyrics for the songs. Fans and crowds are guaranteed to be covered in blood by the end of the show with their endless ferocity.


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