Billie Piper Says David Tennant is Her Fav. Doctor Plus; Alan Tudyk & Brandon Routh Hit The Stage [Calgary Expo]


[Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo 2016] Penny Dreadful actress and Doctor Who alumni Billie Piper hit the stage to answer fan questions about the beloved BBC series this past weekend at CCEE16; Plus Alan Tudyk (Con Man) and Brandon Routh (Legends of Tomorrow) chat with fans.

Penny Dreadful fans – season 3 is back on Showtime and actress Billie Piper has returned to wreak havoc… But in the meantime, she recently attended the Calgary Expo on May 1st to share some of her thoughts on the BBC series that everybody loves – Doctor Who. When asked who her favorite doctor is, she at first responded by saying favorites aren’t fair, but proceeded to drop David Tennant’s name. “Although I’m really good friends with Matt Smith in real life, he’s my mate, he just wasn’t my doctor.”

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Photo Credit – Keven Skinner

Piper went on to say that “Tooth and Claw” is her favorite episode from her time on the series, which revolved around a clash with a ravenous werewolf and of course featured Tennant. She said she was very fond of ‘Doomsday’ as well, calling the series 2 finale a perfect culmination of events.

Photo Credit – Keven Skinner

Brandon Routh took to the stage for his panel and said that his favorite role thus far in his career was playing Clark Kent in Superman Returns. Currently portraying The Atom on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, Routh is no stranger to comic book films and also mentioned a cult classic that he loves when fans bring it up to him at conventions. “It wasn’t an amazing film… But Dylan Dog. I liked doing it with Sam Huntington.” he said.

Photo Credit – Keven Skinner

Alan Tudyk also dropped by to give audience members random things, which he of course signed, during his panel on Saturday April 30th, including a traffic cone from the Zootopia premiere to wallpaper samples he didn’t wind up liking. Tudyk will appear in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story this December. “I don a body panty once again,” joked Tudyk, “I’m in the trailer as a CGI character.” Although he was unable to say ANYTHING else of course about the movie, fans have figured out that he’ll be playing an enforcer droid (check him out below)

The Firefly star mentioned that his hit comedy series Con Man will get a second season, as well as a video game where players can build their own comic conventions ala Sim City etc. He did say that aliens will actually attack the place from time to time as well though, adding a goofy layer to the gameplay. Tudyk also shot a pilot for a series called ‘Powerless’, which is described as an office comedy in a world where superheroes exist – he’ll be playing “a bad boss” in the show if it takes off. The concept sounds hilarious.

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