Bearmageddon Volume 1 from Axe Cop Creator Ethan Nicolle Slashes onto Amazon


From the co-creator of Axe Cop, Ethan Nicolle, comes Bearmageddon – an epic horror comedy graphic novel collecting the entire webcomic into one glorious book that is available now on Amazon both digitally and in beautiful print.

Order the print edition HERE

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As an added bonus, Ethan Nicolle himself will send you a PDF for free if you buy the print edition and send him proof of your purchase. It is most certainly worth it friends. If you loved Axe Cop, you’ll dig Bearmageddon. The story is funny, loaded with fantastic art from Nicolle who conjures up some extremely memorable action sequences featuring mutant bears and more. Picture this – a mole bear taking a lawnmower to the face. Nicolle is unleashed and this pet project of his is finally here in one place – front to back – Bearmageddon book 1.


Speaking about Bearmageddon in one of my past interviews, Nicolle said:

“Bearmageddon is really a war story dressed as a horror comedy. It’s about young soldiers becoming men if you really look at it.  What’s the most manly thing you can do? Punch a grizzly bear in the face of course. So Bearmageddon is my attempt to ask the question, what happens when the most primal, ferocious creature, red in tooth and claw takes over the earth and wants to wipe out mankind, and mankind is largely guys like me… who grew up with single moms, having no idea what a man is or how he is even supposed to fit into the grand scheme of things.”


“Bearmageddon is my examination of manliness. Yes it’s comedy, it’s action, it’s horror… but that is what is at the heart of it.  The bad version of what a man is… it’s really a hairless Grizzly bear. So what is the good version of what a man can be?  That’s my question, and it’s one I’ve asked all my life being raised in this culture who doesn’t honor the concept of being male. It’s not meant to be sexist, it’s just that my question isn’t about females. Let someone else write that story. That question was never my struggle. Manliness always was. And I want to find out what a great man is and I want to find out what it takes to become one. Because if bears take over the earth, I want to be ready.”

Read the entire interview HERE. 

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