Batgirl Movie to be Written & Directed by Marvel Cinematic Universe Mastermind Joss Whedon


From Warner Bros. and director Joss Whedon comes the latest big screen instalment of the DC Extended Universe – Batgirl! There is no release date or stars attached at this time.

Variety reports that Joss Whedon, who was essential in crafting the second phase of Marvel Studios’ shared film universe, will be producing, writing and frikken directing a Batgirl movie. We haven’t seen a live-action Batgirl since 1997’s brutal and critically panned Batman & Robin where she was played by Alicia Silverstone, so it’s nice to see a geek mastermind such as Whedon bringing this character to life on the bigscreen again over two decades later.


Hell – Whedon is one of the finest directors on the planet and this shocking development is one of the most promising things comic book fans have likely heard in ages. It’s going to be weird seeing Whedon tackle a DC Comics film since he recently helmed both The Avengers and Avengers: Age of Ultron, but you know what? JJ Abrams did the new Star Trek flicks before he reignited the Star Wars franchise as well. Why can’t we all be friends?

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