Avatar Sequels Recruit Stephen Lang & His Dead Army to Return as Villains


From 20th Century Fox and director James Cameron comes the highly anticipated sequel(s) to his groundbreaking science fiction masterpiece Avatar. Starring Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana, Stephen Lang and Sigourney Weaver, Avatar 2 is tentatively scheduled for theatrical release December 2018 with more sequels planned for December 2020, December 2022, and December 2023.


Thanks to Empire, director James Cameron has revealed that the villainous badass army Colonel Miles Quaritch (played by Stephen Lang) will return to be the villain in every single Avatar sequel. This was revealed a day after that we found out  Matt Gerald‘s deceased Corporal Lyle Wainfleet will also be returning. We already knew that Sigourney Weaver would be returning and she died too, so I don’t know what the hell is going on anymore. I assumed flashbacks were going to be occurring, but if Quaritch is going to be an active villain in the sequels — that means something more ridiculous is brewing in that mind of Cameron. Maybe something resurrected these goners? Some sort of alien parasite? Who knows – either way – it’s happening.

“The interesting conceit of the ‘Avatar’ sequels is it’s pretty much the same characters. There are new characters and a lot of new settings and creatures, so I’m taking characters you know and putting them in unfamiliar places and moving them on this greater journey. But it’s not a whole bunch of new characters every time. There’s not a new villain every time, which is interesting. Same guy. Same motherf*cker through all four movies. He is so good and he just gets better. I know Stephen Lang is gonna knock this out of the park,” said Cameron to Empire.


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