Audio/Rocketry Releases New Single “Fault Line”


Five years is a long time; half a decade. Within five years you could have endured a presidential election, witnessed the wins and losses of the Olympic Games, or even renewed your mortgage. All of which are incomparable to what happened on Monday, September 12th, 2016; Edmonton, Alberta’s folk group Audio/Rocketry released new music for the first time, you guessed it, in five years. Earlier this week the group announced on their Facebook page that they would be releasing a new single “Fault Line” from their new self titled album, set to release November 3rd, 2016. Mark you’re calendar, set an alarm, do what needs to be done to make sure you don’t miss this album; it’s going to be good.

Fault Line begins with a burst of energy, and one thing noticed immediately from the track is the electric guitars, as apposed the the norm of acoustic, or banjos, the song is played completely plugged in. Vocalist and guitarist Joe Vickers provides the song with the all too familiar tones of his voice, and solidifies that what you’re listening to is non other that, Audio/Rocketry, while singer/songwriter Jesse LeBourdais provides guest backup vocals. After a lively performance throughout the majority of the track, the song ends on a slower, more sentimental note, and then slowly fades out.

Though musically, the sound of the song may be different from what fans have grown to know and love from the group, it shows a great deal of maturity; that the group may be flexing their abilities as musicians, and beginning to stray away from an acoustic/folk based sound, enabling them to grow as a group, and to interest a whole new fanbase. Fault Lines is a perfect teaser to raise the anticipation for the upcoming record and has raised expectations high. Until the release of the full length LP, fans will wait patiently, while counting down the days. It’s been five years, whats another month or so?

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