Toy Story 4 is A Charming Character-Driven Story That’s Small in Stakes But Big At Heart (Review)

This weekend marks the release of Toy Story 4, the latest computer animated film from Walt Disney Pictures and Pixar Animation Studios. The announcement of the project in 2015 was met with heavy skepticism after the initial trilogy was capped by a perfect ending to Toy Story 3, but thankfully, the fourth entry to the franchise keeps the Toy Story train going full speed ahead thanks to the addition of new characters, new ideas, and layered character arcs, along with the gorgeous animation and strong sense of humor that are Pixar staples. Continue reading

US is Creepy as Hell & Makes Brilliant Use of The Uncanny (Review)

Wow, people sure are talking about Us, Jordan Peele’s latest film. Apparently it’s crazier than Get Out or maybe it’s less crazy than Get Out, but one thing seems to be certain – if you liked Get Out, you’ll LOVE Us.  Well what about those of us who didn’t see Get Out? There must be dozens of us, after all. How do you describe this Jordan Peele’s 2019 movie without referring to  his one in 2017? I’ll give it a shot – Us is my first exposure to this writer/director/producer. Continue reading

Jordan Peele’s Terrifying ‘Us’ is the Year’s First Must-See Movie (Review)

Director Jordan Peele took the world by storm with his directorial debut, Get Out, back in 2017. The picture amassed over $255 million dollars at the box office on a $4-million dollar budget, generated social commentary, and later nabbed Peele his first-ever Oscar for Best Original Screenplay. Ever since then, moviegoers and entertainment writers alike wondered what Peele would tell audiences next. Surprisingly, Peele returned to the horror genre with another original idea, Us. With the bar being set very high thanks to his previous movie, the expectations for Us were somewhat unprecedented. But thanks to confident direction and another knockout script that presents new ideas, horrors, humor, and great character development, Peele has struck gold once again. Us is the year’s first memorable movie; it’s a horror movie that will require multiple viewings to appreciate its brilliance in showing us new horrors that won’t soon leave the minds of those that step into Peele’s new story.

Continue reading

Get Out: A Movie That Doesn’t Quite Know What It Wants To Be [Review]

A movie not knowing its identity is very frustrating. Get Out is a perfect example of being funny when it shouldn’t be. Having some light comedy or even a moderate amount in a horror/thriller film is perfectly fine. But when a movie is doesn’t balance it well, it makes it very difficult to be scared when you’re supposed to be and fear for the safety of the main characters. I was really wanting to like Get Out. Unfortunately, it had a lot of issues. Continue reading

Get Out: Jordan Peele Doesn’t Quite Make the Jump From Comedy to Thriller [Review]

Jordan Peele, of the power house comedy duo Key and Peele, is definitely onto something with his craft.  The best material has a kernel of truth rooted somewhere in it.  With comedy, truth can illicit genuine laughter from audiences who are able to relate. Drama becomes more grounded when it provides some sort of commentary on our reality.  Key and Peele has been such a success because of it’s comedic take on race issues and black stereotypes.  With Jordan Peele’s directorial debut Get Out, he tackles similar issues using the psychological thriller genre as his conduit. Continue reading