Giveaway: Black Sails The Complete Third Season on Blu-ray


Giveaway! From Starz, creators Jonathan E. Steinberg and Robert Levine alongside producer Michael Bay comes the hit pirate drama series Black Sails. This series stars Toby Stephens,  Luke Arnold, Zach McGowan, Tom Hopper, Jessica Parker Kennedy,  Hannah New, Clara Paget, Toby Schmitz, Hakeem Kae-Kazim and Ray Stevenson. Season three hits Blu-ray/DVD on November 8, 2016 and a final and fourth season will première January 29, 2017. 

Contest Closes November 30, 2016 (limited to North America)

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The upcoming third season of Black Sails hits DVD/Blu-ray via Anchor Bay Entertainment on November 8, 2016. The three disc set features all 10 episodes with 40 minutes of special features and 10 minutes of new exclusive extras.


In the wake of the burning of Charles Town, all the New World lives in fear of Captain Flint. But when his campaign of terror crosses over into madness, it falls to John Silver to locate the man within the monster before it’s too late. Meanwhile, with Eleanor Guthrie in prison, Jack Rackham oversees a new Nassau, hoping to secure his legacy as a king among thieves. All will be tested when a new threat arrives, one the pirates could never have anticipated. It knows them. It understands them. And in the blink of an eye, it will turn them against each other.

Bonus Features:

  • “Black Sails” Season Two Recap
  • Blackbeard: An 18th Century Pirate
  • The Storm
  • A Pirate’s Last Words
  • Woodes Rogers
  • Inside the World of Black Sails

Check out the clip from the Blu-ray below:

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  • Ronald Oliver

    My favorite scene from Season 3 was the carriage chase scene! I think it’s one of the show’s most thrilling action sequences to date!

  • Geraldine

    I agree that the carriage chase was amazing, though my overall favorite scene would have to be the big death scene – keeping this vague in case people are reading this haven’t seen it yet.

  • foweR33L

    When Vane and Blackbeard escape from Nassau and break the blockade.

  • justsuff

    My favorite was the season finale’s savage battle.

  • 0Tuar0

    Silver and Flint having a great talk at the camp fire was my favorite scene.

  • dPPPd

    My favorite was the Walrus fighting the storm at sea to escape Hornigold.

  • JD

    My favorite scene is when Silver finally gives Dufresne what was long over due. Brutal scene but making of a legend.