Banshee Co-Creator Jonathan Tropper Explains Decision to End Series With Season 4


The hit action-drama series Banshee airs exclusively on Cinemax and will end after it’s upcoming 8-episode fourth season, which hits January 2016. The incredible television series stars Antony Starr, Ivana Miličević, Lili Simmons, Matthew Rauch, Ulrich Thomson, Hoon Lee, Frankie Faison, Matt Servitto and Tom Pelphrey.

Cinemax confirmed today that the show was indeed ending and that the showrunners and writers had planned for this so that fans would get a great send-off as the story comes to an epic conclusion. Showrunner Greg Yaitanes is currently filming a new series for Cinemax called Quarry (keep that sucker on your radar people).

Co-creator Jonathan Tropper said the following on Twitter, in order to clear up any uncertainties that the horde of Fanshees may have saying:

“As we planned out season 4 of Banshee in the writers room, it became increasingly clear to me that the story was reaching its natural end. I felt pressure to come up with a 5th season, but to me there is nothing more disappointing than a show that doesn’t know when it’s over.

We have a very passionate fan base, and if we handed them a contrived season 5, they would feel it. And we would feel it. So we made the gut-wrenching decision to end our run rather than risk a sub par season 5. It hurts, but I know it’s the right move.

We are shooting the insane finale right now, and I believe it wraps up the show in an emotionally satisfying way. I am grateful to our phenomenal cast and our fantastic fans. I say again, there is nothing like Banshee on television.”

Banshee leading man Antony Starr commented as well today saying:

“100%  JT. This season is the best yet- our little show is all grown up in season four. The best is yet to come guys…” 

Source: Cinemax & Jonathan Tropper

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  • Tony

    I don’t know if I’m buying this explanation. Tropper makes a good argument, but when you’re on top and doing well, most human beings want to continue doing so. Season three was like Banshee’s graduation to greatness, then the next season is retirement into nonexistence? I don’t know about all that, If they needed help writing a few more seasons, I could of happily offered my services. Some type of disagreement happened between either Antony Starr or Cinemax. I’m pretty sure Tropper doesn’t even follow Starr on Twitter…that’s odd. What is more strange is that I do not believe Greg Yainates follows Starr either. If I’m accurate with these observations, then I must believe there was some other underlying reason this legendary series ended. It could have still been legendary if they wrote a few more seasons. Great friends of mine have been upset with me for introducing them to Banshee and then after watching Season 4, they’re like “That’s it? Who only does 4 seasons?” Of course we all know how it didn’t work out with the Sopranos Series Finale flop, but Banshee was so much different than anything I’ve ever seen and now they go and start making another series “Quarry” – and it’s ok, but it sure as hell ain’t no damn Banshee! Bring it back or tell the truth! We want more! Stop the Vietnam reminiscing with Quarry and head on back to Amish country/Native American Tribal Grounds/WhiteSupremist region/Crossdressing hacker/Ex-Con Sheriff land of fictional Pennsylvania. Damn I miss that show. Can you tell?